Digital Sensor Hot Air Styler

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Get a salon smooth ultimate blow-dry finish at home. Combining a motorised spinning brush with optimised sensor controlled airflow for easy one-hand styling. Perfect for creating sleek styles with volume or a quick refresh between shampoos.


The Digital Sensor Hot Air Styler is intelligently crafted for long-lasting, frizz-free results, designed to reduce hair damage and dullness, thanks to its hair protect technology.

Dries, styles and adds volume and shine for a professional salon blow dry finish at home.

  • Digital Sensor: Optimal hair protection on all hair types
  • Smooth, frizz-free results: Ionic conditioning eliminates static & tames frizz
  • Easy One-Handed Styling: Dry, style and add volume with an anti-static rotating brush or 3D styling paddle brush

The digital sensor intelligence, with Hair Protection technology.

Backed by 2 Years Warranty.

How To Use the Digital Sensor Hot Air Styler | VS Sassoon

How to use the Digital Sensor Hot Air Styler

Do you struggle to hold a blow dryer and brush in one hand? VS has an easy hair tutorial on how to use the Digital Sensor Hot Air Styler. It dries and styles in one tool so you can create smooth, voluminous big hair easily at home. The Digital Sensor Hot Air Styler is part of the Digital Sensor Range, a new generation in hair technology with smart sensors that automatically adapt to protect against hair damage for enhanced hair health. 

Introducing the NEW Digital Sensor Range | VS Sassoon

Introducing the new Digital Sensor Range

A new generation in haircare technology, by VS Sassoon. Our intelligent hair dryer, straightener and hot air styler range is designed with a smart sensor that automatically adapts to protect against hair damage. 


1. Remove the protective brush cover by sliding upwards and plug the styler into a power outlet - selecting either the low or high heat settings – Depress the
< or > brush rotation buttons to ensure you understand the rotation direction before styling your hair .
2. Wash and condition your hair as usual. Comb hair before using to detangle.
3. Using a hair dryer, dry your hair first until it is 80% dry. For added volume, turn your head upside down as you dry.
4. Once hair is 80% dry, you should start to create your style using the Digital Sensor Hot Air Styler.

1. Ensure you section your hair using clips before styling .
Take a hair section to start styling with approx. 2.5cm - 5cm wide and no more than 1cm thick (if you have thick hair make the section around 50mm thick).
2. Place either the 50mm or 40mm ceramic brush onto the body of the appliance and lock into place.
3. Slide the on/off temperature switch to either the low or high heat setting.
4. Place the styler under the section of hair, close to the roots and brush through the section to remove tangles (without brush rotating).
5. For added volume at the root of the hair , hold the brush in place at the root (hair section is draped over top of brush) for a few seconds.
6. Move the brush through the hair section (hair is draped over top of brush), towards the ends and as you reach the end of the hair section, start to rotate the brush away from your head by pressing and holding the appropriate rotation direction switch.
7. As you do this it is important to resist the rotation of the brush by pulling the brush downwards. The brush should be rotating through the section of your hair (without the hair becoming wound round the brush head if you are holding the styler with the correct tension against the hair) to create a brushing effect as it dries and styles the hair.
8. For even more volume, allow the brush to rotate, winding the entire section of hair around the barrel, the brush will move upwards towards your scalp then release the the rotation switch and leave in the hair for a few seconds.
9. To release the section of hair, press and hold the opposite rotation button to unwind the hair section.

10. Repeat for each hair section.
11. After use switch off and unplug the appliance.
12. Allow the styler to cool before storing.
13. Place the protective brush shield over the head

Place the 3D styling brush on the body of the appliance.
Take a section of the hair and position the brush under the section at the hair roots.
Ensure the bristles go right into the hair. Gently slide the brush along the section from the roots to the tiups ending the action with a slight rotation of the wrist to give bounce to the style.
NOTE: If you notice the indicator light is flashing, this is completely normal. The
styler is automatically adjusting the temperature to guarantee a gentler and kinder
heat for the hair.

• For fine hair types or to gain extra volume use a volumising mousse in your hair while damp before styling.
• To define layers and give shape to styles , follow step 10 and repeat through the section.
• To add volume to the roots and body through the top section of the hair, follow steps 8 to 10 but using an upward motion.
• For long lasting results, follow steps 8 to 10 but then slide the on/off switch to the cool setting for a few seconds, this will set the hair.


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Harvey Norman
Noel Leemings
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Hairstyles Suitable For: 
Ideal for drying, styling, adding volume and shine
Hair types suitable for: 
Suitable for all hair types - Fine, damaged or colour treated hair, normal hair and thick, coarse hair
Digital Sensor
Maintains an optimised controlled centrifugal airflow, while eliminating hot spots that damage the hair fibre
3x Styling Modes
High pressure airflow for quick drying and long lasting styling with 3x styling modes – gentle, intense & cool air
Ionic Technology
Ionic conditioning actively eliminates static & tames frizz. Active ions surround the hair to give a shine boost with every pass.
Even Flow Technology
Perfectly balanced blow hole patterns are ideally positioned to guarantee even and powerful airflow. The airflow travels efficiently through the hair strand for long lasting styling
Motorised Spinning Brush
Dries, styles and adds volume and shine for a professional salon blow dry finish at home.
2 Directional Rotation
Brush attachments with 2 way rotation (left and right) allows for ease of styling. Switch rotation to change your style and flip hair under or out.
Reduced Noise
Improved sound comfort with 14% less noise* (-12db) for more comfortable styling while styling. * Than VS2735GA hot air brush
Storage Bag
Handy drawstring storage bag
Hinged Rear Filter
Having easy access to clean out the filter increases the performance and life of your hot air styler
Hot Brush attachment
3 styling attachments - 50mm bi-directional anti-static ceramic rotating brush adds volume and shape when blow drying longer hair + 40mm bi-directional anti-static ceramic rotating brush adds volume and shape when blow drying shorter hair + 3D styling paddle brush ideal for smoothing with volume and natural drying