Big Hair 1000 Hot Air Styler

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Achieve salon style at home with this revolutionary dryer and styler. No matter what length or look you're after, styling your hair has never been easier.


Create the look you want at home – be it voluminous, wavy, sleek or shiny. 


The Big Hair Styler 1000 combines the benefits of a hair dryer with your choice of two multidirectional rotating brushes, to simplify the styling process and help you style your hair with confidence.


The ceramic barrel brushes – at 50mm and 38mm diameter – create maximum body as you style your hair using the 1000 watt dryer. The unique design brings out maximum shine. 

  • Style your hair faster, and with confidence
  • Perfect for all hair types
  • Ionic conditioning technology™ for frizz-free results
Backed by 2 Years Warranty.

The New VS Sassoon Big Hair 1000 commercial!

The Big Hair Styler TVC

The revoloutionary Big Hair Styler 1000 combines the benefits of a hairdryer with the choice of a rotating motorised brushes in the one tool making the styling process very easy and suited to most cuts and looks!

How to use the Big Hair Styler by Oz Beauty Expert!

How to use the Big Hair Styler by Oz Beauty Expert

Check out how to use the VS Sassoon Big Hair Styler, beauty blogger Oz Beauty Expert claims it's her favourite new styling tool!

Styling Tips!

Body & Lift

For added root lift, hold the brush close to the roots for a few seconds. Move the brush through the section, start to rotate the brush away from your head by pressing and holding the appropriate rotating button. Move the brush away from the head in an upward motion. As you do this, resist the rotation of the brush by pulling the brush downwards. This will create tension through the section of hair.


Maximum volume

For even more volume, allow the brush to rotate, winding the entire section of hair around the barrel. Release the rotate button and then leave the brush in the hair for a few seconds. To release the section, press and hold the opposite rotation button to unwind the hair section.



To define layers and give shape to styles. Rotate the brush through the section, as you reach the ends of the hair, resist the rotation and spin the brush through the ends.


Expert tips

Finish styling using the cool setting to set the style. Always place the protective shield over brush head when you are finished to protect bristles.

Where to buy

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Temperature range: 
1000 Watts
Hot brush attachment: 
38mm Bristle Brush & 50mm Bristle Brush
Hairstyles Suitable For: 
Creating big beautiful styles with volume
Hair types suitable for: 
Most hair types
High Ionic Conditioning
Eliminate static & style faster whilst trapping moisture to reduce your frizzies by up to 75%
Ceramic Technology
Ceramic technology provides even heat distribution for a silky, smooth finish
Rotating Soft Bristles
The soft bristles gently smooth & shape your hair whilst adding unbelievable shine
3 Switch Combinations
2 heat/speed settings plus cool to set your style.
2 Rotation Buttons
Rotate left or right to add volume or softly rounded ends, or rotate in the opposite direction for a different look
Hinged Rear Filter
Having easy access to clean out the filter increases the performance & life of your hot air styler
Brush Cover
A brush cover is included for protection & easy storage