Straight & Curl Brilliance

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Be flawless, be radiant, be beautiful. Now you can style smarter with this 2-in-1 styler. Achieve long-lasting salon smooth poker straight-in-one pass results or flawless waves & curls with ease & perfection.


The Straight & Curl Brilliance is a dual function 2-in-1 styler with a unique heated contoured shape top & bottom outer housing to create flawless waves & curls with lasting hold + ultra smooth Sol-Gel Ceramic straightening plates for poker straight results, while the frizz controlling ions smooth hair & add shine for flawless results on all hair types.

Now you can style smarter with the Straight & Curl Brilliance.

  • Anti-Frizz Technology for ultra smooth frizz-free results
  • Effortless 2-in-1 styling
  • Ultra-fast styling with professional dual ceramic heating system
  • Elegant foldout storage bag
Backed by 5 Years Warranty.

Straight & Curl Brilliance 2-in-1 Hair Styler

Straight & Curl Brilliance

Switch between shiny straight hair and smooth dreamy curls effortlessly. If you love changing up your style, you’ll love the new Straight and Curl Brilliance 2-in-1 styler.

How To Use the Straight & Curl Brilliance | VS Sassoon

How to use the Straight & Curl Brilliance

Style smarter with this 2-in-1 hair styler. Achieve long-lasting salon straight hair in one pass or learn how to create frizz-free curls & waves with ease & perfection. This hair tutorial shows you how you can effortlessly straighten frizzy hair.

How to Style Short Hair without Frizz | VS Sassoon

How to style short hair with gorgeous waves

In this tutorial, Rob Reeves shows you how to create sassy waves on short hair without the frizz using the Straight & Curl Brilliance.

Get The Look: Glam Curly Ponytail with Twists | VS Sassoon

How to create a glam curly ponytail with twists

In this tutorial, Rob Reeves shows you that ponytails don’t have to be boring. Simply add curls to glam up your pony using the Straight & Curl Brilliance, add some twists and you have ponytail perfection!

// Take a section & wind hair around the barrel. Wind up as far as you want your curl. Try to use the full length of the barrel to spread the section. Hold for five to eight seconds, or until you can feel that your hair is heated through. Leave curl to cool & set before combing or styling further.
// Wind the hair up the barrel to the hair root or as far up the section as you want curls. For a more modern curl, don’t wind the hair right the way up to the top of the hair section; instead, leave at least 7cm from the root to the start of the curl.
// For a more tousled look, finger comb the curls to break them up once the hair has cooled.
// The type of curl achieved depends not just on the size the barrel but also on the section of hair that you wind around the barrel of the curling tong. For looser,
free-flowing curls, use bigger sections. Create a more defined, tighter curl by using sections. Pin the curl in the rolled shape & leave to cool for longer lasting results. Finish with a bit of hairspray for extra protection & hold prior to curling.
// For the best results, start with clean, dry & thoroughly combed through hair. Straighten your hair in sections making sure you go over each section once only to get a gorgeous, silky finish. Apply a heat spray for extra protection & longer lasting results.
// Straight hair doesn’t have to be poker straight. Create volume by making a curved movement with your wrist as you glide the straighteners down the hair length.
// Straight hair isn’t just for long styles. Create a classic glossy bob by using this straightener on your shorter cut.

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Plate size: 
120mm x 28mm straightening plates
Temperature range: 
Variable heat control from 150°C to 235°C high heat
Heat up time: 
Ultra fast heat up in 15 seconds
Hairstyles Suitable For: 
Lasting salon smooth poker straight-in-one pass results or flawless waves & curls
Hair types suitable for: 
All hair types
Effortless Smoothness
Advanced Sol-Gel straightening plates combined with luxurious ceramic gives ultimate glide & longer lasting results, with 15x more ceramic for ultimate durability. Longer length 120mm x 28mm plates for straightening & styling longer sections
Lasting Curls
Heated contoured shaped top & bottom outer housing with cool tips for curling creates flawless waves & curls with lasting hold. Premium stainless steel housing that's lightweight, corrosion & warp resistant for perfect plate alignment, with convenient cool tips for curling
Ultra-Fast Styling
With advanced dual ceramic heating up to 235°C in 15 seconds for superior fast-action heat transfer & constant even heat on every section for lasting results.
Anti-Frizz Technology
Ionic Conditioning System delivers frizz controlling active ions to eliminate static & reduce frizz. Active ions surround the hair to smooth hair & give an ultimate shine boost with every pass.
Controlled Styling
5 heat settings (150°C to 235°C) allow for personalised temperature requirements to suit your hair type, for enhanced hair protection & healthy looking hair.
Peace of Mind
Hinge lock protects the plates surface for secure storage & automatic shut off after 72mins
Elegant Styling
Premium fold out storage pouch