Keratin Protect Straightener

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For the women that deserve it all, give your hair maximum protection and long lasting shine with the Keratin Protect Straightener. Enviable strong, healthy hair will be yours.


Your hair is an asset and it needs to be protected.  Be confident in the health of your hair and bring out it's natural shine and strength thanks to keratin infused ceramic plates. The high performance straightener can heat up to 235C to deliver long lasting results and fast.  In the mood for some fun waves or curls? Style it up using the sleek rounded design.

• Healthy, shiny hair in no time

• Personalise your styling with the 6 digital heat settings.

• High performance styling with salon worthy results.

Backed by 2 Years Warranty.

Slide down gently along each section whilst clamping the plates over the hair. Keep your straightener flat or slightly round off through the ends for a more polished finish. Rub a bit of serum through your hair with the palms of your hands to smooth down any flyaways

Straight with volume
Straight hair doesn't have to be poker straight. Create volume by making a curved movement with your wrist as you glide the straighteners down the hair length.

To create curls, take a section of hair, slide the straightener on the hair, close and turn 180° so that the hair is wrapped around the outside. Slowly glide along the length of hair and release. Turn the curled section in the direction of the curl and allow it to set as it cools. Loosen the curls by separating with your fingers until your desired result is achieved. Finish with a styling aid such as hairspray to set the curls in place.

Shorter styles
Straight hair isn't just for long styles. Create a classic glossy bob by using this straightener on your shorter cut.

Expert Tips
Apply a heat protecting or thermal iron spray or smooth styling product to your clean hair before you dry it as this will help you achieve a better ironed finish.

Straighten your hair in sections to get the best result. If you section the hair properly, you should only have to go over each section once to get a gorgeous, silky finish. Ensure your hair is completely dry and comb it through to prevent knots and tangles.

Experiment with various heat settings. Top temperatures may be too hot for fine, delicate or colour-treated hair, so bring the heat down to one of the lower settings if this applies to your tresses.

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Temperature range: 
Heats up to 235°C
Heat up time: 
Ultra fast
Hairstyles Suitable For: 
sleek straight styles or beautiful curls and waves.
Hair types suitable for: 
all hair types
Ceramic & Keratin plates
Ceramic plates infused with Keratin to protect hair as you straighten. Leaves your hair shinier, healthier and stronger.
Ceramic Technology
With advanced ceramic heating up to 235°C giving superior fast-action heat transfer and constant even heat.
6 Digital heat settings 140°C - 235°C
Personalise & adjust the temperature settings to suit your hair & style requirements • Automatic Safety Shut Off • Floating plates • Locking switch for storage
Curved body design
The curved design allows you to create beautiful curls and waves quickly and effortlessly, with a salon high-shine finish.
Ultra fast styling
Heats up to 235°C for fast styling. Perfect for straightening or curling.