Hair Straighteners & Straightening Brushes

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  • $279.99 NZD

    Steam your way to straight hair with this unbelievable straightener. VS Sassoon's next generation straightener uses the power of steam to soften, straighten and protect your hair. 

    $279.99 NZD
  • $199.99 NZD

    Bringing you a whole new era in technology for the ultimate in professional hair styling and hair protection. The 3Q Digital Straightener features Smart Sensor Technology with Protect Mode for a smarter way to style you hair.

    Achieve salon-worthy straight hair in just one pass with this high performance straightener.

    $199.99 NZD
  • $199.95 NZD

    For the girl who wants it all. Beach to bar, last minute afterwork dinner date or you slept in, no worries we have you sorted.
    Get your hair looking smooth, shiny and frizz free in just minutes.
    Diamond Luxe will be your new hair saviour.


    $199.95 NZD
  • $159.99 NZD

    You will love fast, smooth results while minimizing damage by using this advanced straightener with high density ceramic and argan oil.

    $159.99 NZD
  • $159.99 NZD

    Designed for faster styling, travel and infused with Argan oil for extra soft, healthy hair with every pass, this gorgeous rose gold Straightener is the essential tool for your styling kit.

    $159.99 NZD
  • $139.99 NZD

    For the women that deserve it all, give your hair maximum protection and long lasting shine with the Keratin Protect Straightener. Enviable strong, healthy hair will be yours.

    $139.99 NZD
  • $99.99 NZD

    You'll love the unique LCD touch screen control panel with 9 digital settings and a temperature lock button. Style with confidence.

    $99.99 NZD
  • $99.99 NZD

    Want to save time when styling your hair? With the Wet and Dry Style Straightener you can skip the blow dry and start straightening on wet hair, no problem.

    $99.99 NZD
  • $79.99 NZD

    You're busy on the move going from work to dinner, parties to holidays with no time in between for your hair. Now you can have styled hair on the go thanks to the Diamond Luxe Mini Straightening Brush to smooth and straighten your hair while you brush it.

    $79.99 NZD


Sleek, straight hair

Experience sleek, straight hair with our wide range of hair straighteners and straightening brushes. Tame the frizz and get super sleek, straight hair. From office desk to after work drinks or getting ready in the morning, our VS straightening tools will do the job right, each and every time.

Maximum performance for beautiful hair

Manage frizzy and unruly hair with our ionic conditioning straighteners. They contain ceramic tourmaline plates that smooth your hair and give you beautiful shiny locks.

Have no time in between the office desk and after work desk? Our straightening brushes can give you last minute shine, frizz-free straight hair in no time. Simply turn the tool on, run the brush through and you’ll find smooth straight hair. You can even get a travel size one for a use on-the-go.

Save time for more important things with a wet to dry straightener. Discover how you can take your damp hair to silky smooth hair in no time! Using unique technology, moisture escapes as steam and your hair becomes straight and smooth while it dries.

Our straighteners have the advanced features that protect your hair and straighten your locks all the while being very gentle. With long lasting results, you’ll never be disappointed with how beautiful your hair will look when using our hair tools.