Goddess Ultimate Steam Straightener

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Steam your way to straight hair with this unbelievable straightener. VS Sassoon's next generation straightener uses the power of steam to soften, straighten and protect your hair. 


Discover how steam can tame even the hardest to handle hair types..


The Goddess Ultimate Protect and Shine uses steam-power to gently straighten your hair. The secret behind steam? It adds moisture back into your hair and provides the best long-term protection. What's more, it reduces frizz and softens even the thickest, coarsest hair. 


Choose your heat setting from 170°C up to 230°C, and then watch the steam work its magic on your tresses.

  • Fast, long-lasting style
  • Ionic conditioning technology™ for frizz-free results
  • Ceramic tourmaline technology™ protects your hair 
Backed by 3 Years Warranty.

Miracle straight starts with steam! Discover the Goddess Ultimate....

Introducing the Goddess Ultimate Steam Straightener

Combining the power of heat and steam to gently nourish and straighten hair, get ready for a revelation! #OMGoddess

The girls @ Beauty Heaven put the Goddess Ultimate to the test!

The girls @ Beauty Heaven put the Goddess Ultimate to the test!

Watch and see 3 of the girls from Beauty Heaven put the new Goddess Ultimate straightener to the test. Check out their gorgeous results! #OMGoddess

Get rid of that frizz and have long lasting straight hair now!

Watch blogger Oz Beauty Expert test the new Goddess Ultimate

Goddess Ulitmate review by Beauty Heaven member Belle!

Watch as Beauty Heaven member Belle reviews the Goddess Ultimate

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Plate size: 
Long slim line plates
Temperature range: 
170°C - 230°C
Hairstyles Suitable For: 
Perfect for sleek and soft straight hair in minutes
Hair types suitable for: 
All hair types, especially hard to straighten curly, thick or frizzy hair
Conditioning Steam Mist
Releases the hair cuticle for faster straightening and longer lasting results. The moisture then lock into the cuticles leaving the hair feeling smooth and looking shiny
Ionic Function
Ensures frizz free and perfectly smooth results everytime
Advanced Tourmaline Ceramic Coated Plates
Designed to guide the hair along the plates to make styling easy and ensures no snagging
Dual Voltage 100-240V
Take the Goddess Ultimate with you wherever you go. Always have that perfect style
Water Reservoir
Holds the water you need to create the steam. Ensure this is emptied after every use. You can use distilled water