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21 January 2020

How to Make Your Curls Last Overnight and Beyond

Curly styles are one of the hottest looks at the moment. Whether you’re embracing your natural curls or you’ve got naturally straight hair and are creating curls, this blog will show you how to make your curls last overnight and beyond. 

Unless you have very fine hair, most people will say their hair is better the day after they wash it. It’s a case of less fluff and frizz and more smooth and shine. The problem is though, if you’ve washed and styled and created some wicked curls say, how do you keep those curls intact overnight? So we checked in with VS Sassoon stylist, Rob Reeves for a few tips on how to maintain your curls until your next wash.

How To Maintain Curls - How Can I Sleep Without Ruining My Curls

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“The most important thing you can do if you want your curls to go the distance is to choose the right product to not only prep your hair for curling but also to help keep them in place afterwards. You also need the right curling tools.

The following are key steps to creating a curled style and maintaining it overnight,” says Rob.

1. After shampooing run some mousse or volume gel through your hair and then blow dry as usual. For more on the perfect blow dry, here is a tutorial I’ve done on how to blow dry your hair.

2. Once your hair is dry, spray it with heat protection and then start curling.  To keep your curls in place for as long as possible curl your hair as tightly as possible. If you’re using an auto-curler like the VS Sassoon Curl Secret Optimum, then use the highest heat option and longest time setting.  Although do keep in mind your hair texture, if you have fine hair you’ll get the same results without needing a high heat setting. 

3. As soon as your curl comes out spray it again with hairspray and don’t touch it. Repeat all over. If you’re using a curler such as the VS Sassoon Keratin Protect Big Curls or any of our ceramic Curlers or Total Protection Heated Rollers, the same thing goes; curl and spray but don’t touch them or brush them out. You want to keep the curl in place for as long as possible.

4. If you’re going straight to bed then do what Nana does, wrap your hair in a satin scarf to help protect them. If you can’t face this passion killer (or your significant other can’t) then add a couple of gentle buns to protect your curl and again use lots of spray. Then the next day you can gently brush your curls out or pull them through with your fingers.



How to Sleep with Rollers in my Hair - Does it Give me Longer Lasting Curls?



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“It will give you longer lasting curls no doubt about it but it may also be uncomfortable,” says Rob. “If you’re up for it, I’d advise using the Secret Curl Pop Up Rollers as they pop into place without clips which will certainly help to make them more comfortable. Also make sure that you don’t go to sleep before the rollers are completely cooled, so wait about 30-45 mins before nodding off”. 


How to Keep Your Curls Overnight if You Have Natural Hair





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“Even if you have natural curls, I’m afraid it’s not all plain sailing as you have to consider how to keep your curls from going frizzy or out of shape while you sleep. As above, try a scarf or put your hair into soft buns while you sleep. A soft twisted pony is another idea and will work to help stop your curls getting frizzy,” advises Rob. 

3 Days in the Life of Lily Collins Curls



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Tips on How To Maintain Curls if You Have Naturally Curly Hair

“If you have naturally curly hair, these are my tips,” says Rob:

1. Only shampoo once a week. Also condition your hair before and after shampooing. The before step helps to soften and detangle your hair prior to shampooing. If your curly hair is all in knots you will damage it during the washing process so don’t skip this step. Conditioning after you wash will reset your curl.

2. On the subject of washing your hair, always section your hair to help make sure that it is completely tangle free. Knotted hair does not make for pretty curls! Trust me on that one. I always tell people to divide their hair into sections. Then use a small amount of shampoo on each section, starting at the scalp and then gently squeezing it all the way down along the lengths. Then rinse in the same way—section by section. Oh and use cold water! It will seal your cuticles locking in the moisture, and making your hair shinier and less frizzy.

Julia Roberts had frizzy curls but still oh-so-pretty.



Julia Roberts conditions and wears her curls more frizz-free.



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3. One your hair is shampooed and conditioned, blot it dry rather than rubbing it dry with a towel which will just roughen up those cuticles. I would also advise using a cotton T-shirt or microfiber towel to do the blotting. Again kinder on those cuticles.

4. Once you have done that then comb through your hair to detangle it. Always use a wide tooth comb for this and be ultra-gentle, this tip is number 1 on our ‘5 Things You Should Never Do To Wet Hair’ blog. If your hair is tricky use a detangling spray.  Don’t ever use a brush – you will destroy your curl pattern and just create a lot of frizz! 

5. When using styling tools always look for a hair dryer with a diffuser. A diffuser evenly distributes heat and again leads to less frizz. And invest in the highest quality styling tools you can afford. Look for tools with ionic, tourmaline and/or ceramic technologies. And always apply a heat protection product prior to styling.

Now all you have to do is get curling and hurry because party season has well and truly arrived.”

Make Your Curls Last Overnight and Beyond!

Whether you’re getting ready for a night out with the girls, date night or an event at work, make sure you have the most gorgeous curls possible by following VS Sassoon stylist, Rob Reeves hottest tips. These tips will help your curls stay in for as long as possible and make you look like you just stepped out of a salon. 

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