How to create a big ponytail
15 October 2019

How To Get A Drool-Worthy, Voluminous Ponytail

When party season hits we want big, voluminous hair to make an entrance with. There’s nothing more va va voom cool than a full textured ponytail - it’s literally the envy of every girl who ever swept her hair into a pony.  Can you relate? It’s all about big hair baby!

Our love affair with ponytails is an intense one and we have a 3 part series of ponytail tutorial posts. This marks number two so stay with us as we take you through how to create a textured, volume ponytail hairstyle that will knock your socks off. You’ll want to nail this look yourself - trust us!

We’ve hit the gram so you know the fresh style we’re talking about and below is our video tutorial on how to create this drool worthy style.



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So gorgeous and sophisticated you can even wear it as a wedding style:



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Even local Aussie PR powerhouse Roxy Jacenko rocks it with a headband:



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Tutorial 2: Textured, Volume Ponytail

We dig frizz-free hair styles too and just because you’re going for a big doo doesn’t mean your mane needs to be a big messy fro. Let’s curb the frizz and create a ponytail to die for. Simply watch our tutorial as VS Stylist Rob Reeves teaches you how to whip up this style, thanks to the VS Frizz Defense Hot Air Styler.  

TIP: To get that big, bouncy blow dry finish create your base using a rotating hot air styler.

Get The Look: Volume, Textured Ponytail | VS Sassoon



How to Get The Look: Textured, Volume Ponytail

1. Dry & style with your rotating hot air styler to create a voluminous base.

2. Take a section 5cm from the part down to the ear and clip away. Repeat on the other side.

3.  Take a halo section 5cm back from the hairline and clip away.

4. Clip the bottom section away.

5. Release the halo section then split into three. 

6. Back comb the middle of the three sections to create cushioning. 

7. Smooth the top, roll and then pin.

8. Repeat on the next section.

9. Release the bottom section from the clip. Take the top section and side pieces from the halo. Lightly back comb then smooth over the cushioning. 

10. Sweep the bottom pieces into the back. Smooth in a ponytail and secure with a hair tie.

11. Release the clips at the front and brush back towards the ponytail. Wrap the end around the hair tie and pin.

12. Repeat on the other side.

13. Use two hair bands and wrap around the ponytail to secure and create more volume.

And that’s how you create a stunning textured ponytail with volume! It’s worth the effort because how gorgeous does this hairstyle look!


How Do I Get This Look?

Our model used the Frizz Defense Rotating Hot Air Styler. Honestly? It’s our best kept secret - it takes the pain out of blow drying with a brush and a hair dryer which can be a real struggle. This hot air styler is a brush and dryer in one! Big, beautiful blow drys have never been easier.


Wrap and Bubble Ponytail

Don’t forget to check out the first part in our series of ponytail tutorials: Get a Gorgeous, Sleek, No-Frizz Ponytail and stay tuned for our next blog post in this series about how to create the Bubble Ponytail.


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