Sleek No-frizz ponytail
08 October 2019

Slay with this Gorgeous, Sleek, No-Frizz Ponytail

Let’s talk about ponytails. You can see them on Instagram, celebrities like the Ponytail Queen Ariana Grande, and everywhere on the street.  Ponytails are a no-fuss way to style your hair and are the best during the hot summer months when you need to pull your hair off your face and sticky neck.  Ponytails can definitely look glam, you just need to know how to style them so they still look put together and not just an oh-so-lazy hairstyle.  





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Frizz-free hairstyles are must in our books, especially in summer when the humidity can cause chaos to your hair! We adore ponys so much that we’ve got a 3 part series for you using our frizz defense tools. What we’ve covered is our top no-frizz ponytail tutorials to show you the fastest, easiest ways to create gorgeous chic ponytails at home


Tutorial 1: Wrap Ponytail

First up, the Wrap Ponytail. This look is super sleek and simple but still looks put together. You can have many variations on this style including twists, hair accessories and the best part? The sneaky wrap hides any hair elastics you use to secure your ponytail.



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Get The Look: Wrap Ponytail

Watch our hair tutorial below on how you can create the Wrap Ponytail yourself at home. 

TIP: To get that smooth, shiny sleek look straighten hair first with a straightener.

Get The Look: Wrap Ponytail | VS Sassoon




How To Get The Look

1. Create smooth, shiny straight hair with a straightener and repeat until all hair is perfectly smooth.

2. Separate a front section about 5-10cm back. Clip this hair out of the way then repeat on the other side.


3. Take another section from the top of the ear to the other ear and clip out of the way.

4. Smooth the base section back and create a low sleek ponytail. Secure with a hair tie.

5. Release the mid-section and brush and smooth it back to create a 2nd ponytail over the first. This helps to create more volume. Secure with a hair tie.

6. Release the right section and brush smooth then wrap around the ponytail and pin.

7. Repeat on the other side.

And that’s how you create a sleek, wrap ponytail!

How Do I Get This Look?

The low, wrap ponytail was created using the Frizz Defense Salon Straightener. With a professional ceramic heat up and 60% more ions for a frizz-free finish.

Volume and Bubble Ponytail

Want more ponytail goodness? Then check out Textured, Volume Ponytail hair tutorial and blog post. Still to come is the smooth, bubble ponytail.

Experience a Frizz Free Summer!


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