Thin Hair Hacks
08 July 2020

6 Practical Hair Hacks for Thin Hair For Bounce & Volume

Thin hair is usually the easiest type of hair to style. But sometimes all you want is that voluminous thick hair like Queen B! #bighairdontcare.

With a little bit of patience and practice, you can easily achieve volume and bounce on your natural hair. No need to visit the hair salon to have expensive hair extensions put into your locks. These looks can definitely be achieved at home for va va volume baby! #winnning

All you need is the right products and a few quick and easy styling tricks that will easily take some of the weight off your hair and revive those limp and lifeless locks. So, to set your big-hair habits straight, we’ve gathered together 6 foolproof tricks for achieving big, long-lasting volume. 

Ahead, try these 6 practical hair hacks for thin hair to get more bounce and volume.

#1 Blow Dry Your Hair Upside Down

#2 Add Some Waves

#3 Backcomb Your Hair

#4 Switch-up your parting 

#5 Braid your hair 

#6 Bounce It Up With Rollers

#1- Add volume by blow drying your hair upside down

This trick is an oldie but a goodie. Sometimes going back to basics is really the best way to achieve the most simple hair hacks. Do this hack every time you’re drying your hair to build the foundation at the roots for volume. When you tip your hair upside down you’re encouraging the roots to be lifted.

Here's How To Do This Trick:

  1. Add instant volume to your locks by drying your hair normally until it’s 80% dry. 
  2. Tip your hair upside down and point the hair dryer facing down. 
  3. Flip your hair upright and you should see volume from the roots. 
  4. Spritz hairspray to hold the style.

#2 - Add some waves for thicker hair

Adding waves to thin hair can create extra volume and an effortless look every day. Beachy waves are a great look for thin hair girls. It’s a look that can be worn for any occasion whether it be a formal or a casual coffee date.

Use the Smooth & Wave to create beautiful waves. It pretty much does the job for you. If you’re looking for added  volume, especially at the roots, try using  hot rollers like the Ultimate Salon Setter, it comes with different sized rollers so you can control how loose or tight you want your curls to be. 

#3 - Backcomb your hair to add volume for any style

This hack can be done in conjunction with the first two hair hacks above. Backcombing your hair is really the best way to add extra volume that can last all day. With that in mind, there’s a right way and a wrong way. The wrong way can really damage your hair! 

Here's How To Backcomb Thin Hair:

  1. Section your hair into three sections, the first/bottom section underneath your ears, the middle below the temples and the top section on top of the head. 
  2. Spray hairspray at the roots of each section starting at the back and working your way up to the top first section. 
  3. Using your backcomb, pull one section of hair taught horizontally and using your comb,  push back towards the scalp into the roots. Do this motion up to three times to obtain volume and create a cushioning at the roots.
  4. Repeat on all sections.
  5. The top section will look a little “fluffy” after backcombing, so to smooth this, take your comb again and gently smooth from the roots to ends 
  6. This can be a foundation for any style that you choose to do whether it be a high ponytail or even curling your hair.

If backcombing isn’t your thing, you can try using a crimper to create texture in the bottom sections of your hair. Say what? Yes, a crimper is more than a tool for 80's parties and dance competitions, you can use it to amp up the volume!

Here's How to Use a Crimper to add Volume:

  1. Section your hair into 3 sections.
  2. Use a crimper to crimp the bottom two sections
  3. Unclip the top section and smooth it over the crimped hair to give it more volume.

#4 - Switch Up Your Parting

Hair parting

It’s something we usually all overlook, but switching up your hair parting can instantly transform your hair. A super simple and age-old trick on how to add more volume to your hair is to part your hair in the opposite direction from how you usually part it. After it dries, part it back to how you usually wear it and bam - it’s voluminous and fluffy.

Alternatively, you can choose to dry and style your hair in a middle parting and then once you're done styling the hair, flip the hair to create a side part and you'll have more volume at the parting. 

We love that this trick is super simple and also great for those days where you’re looking to give your hair and break and use as little as no heat as possible. 

#5 Boost Your Natural Volume By Braiding Your Hair 

Plaited Hair

For fine hair that's gone flat, the key to bouncy, voluminous hair lies in this simple hair hack - braids. Great on second-day hair, this braided hair trick will give you killer texture that will last, especially if you have flat, fine hair

To make this work, you want to braid your hair in 2-4 sections and then use a straightener to lightly heat up the braids. Once you’ve gone over all the sections, allow the braid to cool down. After a minute or so, gently take them out and you’re left with easy beach waves! This is perfect for the girl on the go. You can use any straightener for this look, but we would recommend our Frizz Defense Straightener which is developed with Super Frizz Defense Technology to eliminate static and tame any pesky flyaways. 

#6 - Bounce It Up With Rollers

Hair Rollers for volume

Curls are a great way to add volume and body to hair. You can use a good curling iron as we mentioned above, but rollers are best for ramping up the volume around the crown. Huge, fat rollers are a stylist's best friend and something like our Total Protection Heated Rollers are great for home use and being gentler on the hair, they are perfect for thin or fine-haired girls. 

What’s great is that hot rollers can be used no matter what style you’re going for, from updos to lose waves. Mainly, they’ll help give the hair that much-needed fullness that is otherwise hard to achieve. 

To use rollers, we recommend firstly towel-drying hair, then blow-drying any excess moisture out. Then roll two-inch sections of hair from the ends all the way to the roots. Make sure your hair is fully dry before you remove the rollers, starting from the bottom first. Once all the curlers are out, give the roots a spritz of hairspray, as this will help maintain the lift and keep the curls in place. Finish by loosening the curls with your fingers. 

Tip: Larger rollers are best used in the top sections, while smaller ones will be better for the lower section of the head.

Acheive Bouncy, Voluminous Hair At Home

Create bouncy, voluminous hair that you’ve always wanted and do it yourself at home. Our straighteners, dryers, and stylers are made with the ultimate hair protection for easy styling. 

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Love your style, from the VS Sassoon team x