Tips for Taking Care of Men's Hair

VSforMen Ambassador, Aiden Xydis from The Men’s Grooming Room in Sydney shares his top tips for taking care of your mane (or lack of) and making it look sharp.

What should men always do to maintain a healthy head of hair?

Hair is like skin – you need to nourish it.

There aren’t specific foods that will cause your hair to sprout like Jack’s beanstalk, but eating a balanced diet generally promotes healthy hair and skin. Take a multivitamin if consuming fruits and vegetables feels too wimpy.

How often should men wash their hair?

Aiden’s a big believer in only washing your hair once a week – the oily presence of sebum on your scalp provides a layer of protection that is essential to keeping the skin from losing its moisture and drying out too quickly. Using a small amount of coconut oil and rubbing it into the scalp, especially in the cooler months when it’s prone to drying out is great for keeping your scalp and hair healthy. Having a bit of texture in your hair also makes it really easy to style.

Excessive shampooing should be avoided, as it will dry out your hair and cause more harm than good.

BUT – Guys who use a lot of styling product should be washing their hair almost every day – this will help avoid product build-up and clogged pores, not only in your hair and scalp, but also on your face.

Blow drying…… its’ not just for the ladies

Let’s be honest, most guys don’t need (or even can) blow dry their hair. But men with long hair or even medium-length hair who use styling crèmes, oils and waxes on the daily could use a hairdryer (or blow dryer as some might call it) to add volume and help with setting a style.

Guys with thin or thinning hair may also benefit from using a hairdryer to help create an appearance of thicker and denser hair.

TOP TIP – To make hair look fuller, blow dry it and then finish with a matte styling product. Also using nourishing oils (coconut oil from the cupboard is a winner!) will help to counteract the damaging effects of too much heat on the hair from a hairdryer.

Brushing or Combing?

OK, so we know brushing also might seem like it’s just for the ladies, but they’re also a handy tool for caring for your mane, just like a comb.

There’s a key difference between using a brush and using a comb. Combs help set your style in place, while brushes are best used at the end of a day, usually after showering.

TOP TIP – Running a brush through your hair, even when wet helps to evenly distribute your hair’s natural oils (sebum), helping to hydrate and condition your hair. Awesome (and super relaxing) for men with medium or long length hairstyles.

Brushing is better for your hair than combing when wet as a comb can sometimes rip or damage hair when wet.

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