Comb Guides 101


If there’s one thing we know for sure here at VS for Men, it’s that your cut should be as unique as you are. Be it long or short there’s no such thing as the universally ideal cut… Which means that there is no such thing as the universally ideal hair clippers to achieve said ‘do.

With so many different products crowding the market and tools of the trade on offer, it can be difficult to determine exactly what you should be using on your mop. Make no mistake, there’s an art to clipping hair and we know you are just the man to get the job done.

The crew at VS for Men are here to help, and present the ultimate guide to combs and clippers for your best look yet… Because knowing which comb guide length to use is, after all, part of your mastery.

FIRST THINGS FIRST: Size Matters. It’s All About The Millimetre. 

With more than a couple of numbers floating about when it comes to selecting your clipper guards/ guide combs, it can be easy to get confused and grab any old clipper guard regardless of what one is hoping to achieve. 

These clipper guards/guide combs are designed to fit on a clipper’s blades, and serve one simple yet vital purpose: they assist you, dear user, to measure the length of the hair you’re attempting to cut.

Unless you’re aiming for a look reminiscent of something Edward Scissorhands would churn out, that’s pretty important right?

It’s important to remember when selecting your clipper guard size that this size is dependent on millimetres. Even more important to remember is that these sizes, whilst measuring millimetres, are graded by numbers… Ordinarily between 0-12, like our stand out range of clippers within the VS for Men range

We’ve broken down a guide of comb sizes and matched them to hair lengths (in millimetres) to cut the confusion from your grooming routine… Pun very much intended.

CHEATSHEET: Your Hair Cutting Lengths vs VS for Men Comb Size Guide

·      3mm = #1

·      6mm = #2

·      9mm - 9.5mm = #3

·      12mm - 13mm = #4

·      15mm - 16mm = #5

·      18mm - 19mm = #6

·      21mm - 22mm = #7

·      24mm - 25mm = #8

·      27mm = #9

·      30mm = #10

·      33mm = #11

·      36mm = #12

SLOW AND STEADY: Remember, gents… It’s not what you take off, it’s what you leave behind. Keep those clippers controlled. 

This is a simple but VITALLY important point for all our groomin’ dudes out there looking to keep their cut as sharp as possible. Slow and steady wins the race here, because it’s a lot easier to downgrade your comb size as you go than it is to glue hair back to your head.

Go slow and work your way down to minimise any clipping catastrophes as a result of biting off more than you can chew, and over hacking that hair. Unless the Crew Cut is your vibe, that is…  Which we’re fully behind, if DONE CORRECTLY.

What about the ears, you say? Glad you asked. Every manly man knows the ear taper cutting comb guide will make sure the critical finishing touches set you apart from your poorly groomed male counterparts.

AND FINALLY… It’s not cool to assume all grooming tools are the same, so know your weapon and choose it wisely.

With the VS for Men range, it’s incredibly easy to switch between comb guides and hair clipper sizes, so don’t be afraid to flex your muscles and use the right one in your pursuit of the perfect cut.

When it comes to giving you the perfect cut every time, we’ve got your back. Our range of tools and trimmers have something for everyone, and are the ultimate one stop shops for ensuring that your best look yet is but a click away. Check out the full range of clippers right HERE.