Men's Hair Clippers & Trimmers

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  • $279.99 NZD

    A state-of-the-art hair clipping tool that combines the precision of Japanese steel & the power of lithium-ion for best-in-class results.

    $279.99 NZD
  • $249.99 NZD

    Precision engineered for best in class performance, the X6 PRO is VSforMen's most high performance clipper to date.

    $249.99 NZD
  • $239.99 NZD

    The lithium powered hair clipper for professional, at-home hair cutting.

    $239.99 NZD
  • $199.99 NZD

    The professional grade hair clipper for intensive cutting performance.

    Previously known as: PRO-50™ Intensive Cutting Performance

    $199.99 NZD
  • $199.99 NZD

    Precision engineered mains powered hair clipper for superior performance.

    $199.99 NZD
  • $149.99 NZD

    The supreme self-cut hair clipper to maintain a short or crew cut look.
    The Crew Cut is the tool for you to craft your perfect short cut.

    $149.99 NZD
  • $139.99 NZD

    The 31pc multi-purpose turbo-power clipper & personal grooming kit.

    $139.99 NZD
  • $99.99 NZD

    A hair & beard clipper designed for the manly man.
    Packed with the essentials for easy grooming at home, or on-the-go.

    $99.99 NZD
  • $99.99 NZD

    A hair clipper designed for the outdoorsman.

    Built tough to withstand even the roughest conditions.

    $99.99 NZD


All you need to style your hair

You’re a man that knows what he wants, and that, among others, includes the way your hair should look. Our wide range of hair clippers and trimmers are here to serve you, my friend. Your look is an asset, make the most out of it.

Maintain your crew cut, undercut, fade or short hair with our wide range of men’s hair trimmers & clippers below.

Quality men’s hair trimmers & clippers

Make the money maker better. By using our hair trimmers & clippers made with professional-grade quality in mind.

Maintain your short or crew cut look with our Crew Cut, a tool made with premium Japanese steel blades. These blades are self-sharpening, giving you the most precise cut each and every time.

Take your fade cut to the next level using our trimmers with diamond sharpened blades like our V Double. The blades allow you a super smooth clean cut. They are also easier to wash and remove for pain-free maintenance.

Require a personal grooming kit and something that does everything? Our Turbo Cut is your one-stop shop for easy and precise clipping for all different hair types. With carbon titanium blades, they are stronger and more durable to give you the accurate cut.

Scroll through our other hair trimmers and clippers below to get the perfect cut.