Hair Hacks 101: How To Tackle The Sides Of Your Hair

At VSforMen, we understand that it isn’t possible to go to the barber every week. That's why we teamed up with lad’s styling expert Jules Tognini and GQ Australia to put together simple tips on how arming yourself with our range of next level grooming tools will let you maintain your style at home between barber visits.

Jules caught up with Tyler who was looking for tips on how to keep his stubble looking sharp while taming his sideburns for a finished look. Check out below how easy it is to achieve this at home thanks to the VSforMen XPRO Series!



Maintain hassle free slick stubble

Use The X3 Pro to maintain a sleek 3 O’clock shadow look. Work up against the grain, and if you have different grain patterns in your beard, work up, work backwards and work forwards against these.

To maintain longer stubble around your moustache and goatee, switch to a 2 setting. Now we just need to fix up those sideburns…

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Effortlessly connect your beard into your sideburns

Use a scooping motion with The X6 PR0 Fade comb to connect your beard to your sideburns. Bing, Boom, Done!

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What are you waiting for?

Your time is now! Arm yourself with the right weapons to own your look today.